Ugly Sweater Christmas Party ’12

12DaysofCreating (3 of 3)I’ve always wanted to throw a hot cocoa/christmas’y treats and ugly sweater party, so this year I combined the two and invited a small group of mutual friends. It was a blast!uglysweatersparty (3 of 5)Wouldn’t be a Davis’ party without a photoshoot ;) I had planned on the photo booth banner reading “merry & bright” but my hubby put it up before I could tell him. I kind of loved it, hehe.
12DaysofCreating (2 of 3)uglysweatersparty (4 of 5)The boys… How. stinkin’.cute!
12DaysofCreating (8 of 15)uglysweatersparty (5 of 5)Just way too much fun and a whole lot of goofy.uglysweatersparty (2 of 5)

I couldn’t stop laughing (during the photoshoot too hehe) when Ted showed me the photos of the night. HILARIOUS.

I kind of want to do a silly, lighthearted party like this one, every year! What sort of Christmas parties do you enjoy? Any fun ideas or games to share?

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