12 Days of Creating: Pretty Muslin Banner (no sew)

Day 12! I just can’t even believe it, December 12th already?! Tonight is one I really love. I think the possibilities are endless! Fairly simple and oh so pretty! I found a pin on Pinterest of a banner while I was searching for ideas to help decorate a recent event. It is my inspiration for tonights post. (all photos below are taken with my iPhone)

AJL Art Auction (1 of 4)

Supplies used:

Muslin – hobby lobby with a 40% off coupon

twine  (or yarn – or rope)

hot glue gun (I had planned on using a HeatNBond type thing but totally forget to get one so I used hot glue instead and it worked just find… I think it would depend on your choice of fabric)

rotary cutter (or scissors)

other fabric – for the banner words

AJL Art Auction (2 of 4)

Step 1: Iron muslin and then cut it. Mine are all 5 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Step 2: After cutting it, lay material out in the exact spacing you would like your banner to be.

Step 3: glue twine to material carefully

AJL Art Auction (4 of 4) Step 4: Draw your letters onto the fabric. I used a sharpie which is all I could find at the time ;) Maybe use a disappearing ink one instead. hehe

Step 5: Cut out letters

Step 6: Glue letters to muslin (or to HeatNBond and then iron them onto muslin)

Chaseboy worked on his snowflakes while I worked on the banner for our bedroom :)AJL Art Auction (3 of 4)Step 7: Hang and admire.

LOVE IT. So simple!

Gotta run before 12. 12. 12. turns, 12. 13. 12 ;)

G’night (or mornin’) everyone!

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