12 Days of Creating: The Reasonable and The Practical (DIYs)

Day 11 is a combination: a super reasonable and fun craft for your kiddo and a few practical ideas for yourself.

The Reasonable: Chase and I found little creatures in (you’ll never guess where?! ;)) the $1 section at Target and we picked out 3 to paint for Shailo and him. PaintedToys1 (yes, he is often in just his underwear hahaha) Grab some finger paints or washable paint and let them go for it!PaintedToys2 I was actually pretty impressed with his fishy paintin’ ;)

DIYsupplyholder5The Practical:
DIYsupplyholder3I have a problem with messes all over our counter space. About a month ago, I decided I wanted to get the ironing supplies OFF the counter but I knew I needed them super handy because I iron a lot (Ted’s work clothes and sewing projects mostly). I found this tin “planter” (at a thrift store) and turned it into an ironing supplies basket. This might seem so simple and meaningless but in fact, to me it’s huge! What kinds of little things might you have lying around that could help you clear the clutter? Or maybe make a list and head to the thrift store in search of something to help! Think past the colour you may see and imagine what it could be with a little paint! Like this planter turned ironing supply holder:afterglow

Here are a few other ideas:
DIYsupplyholder6I use the Dollar store often for little baskets to help me organize. Like you see here, to store fruit on the counters (without the baggies) or to store food in our fridge.

I had a friend just recently tell me she turned the hanging IKEA book racks into a type of hanging command center! SO smart! Off the counters that tend to oh-so-easily clutter!

Tonight is a weird, kind of all over the place post but I hope you are inspired!

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