12 Days of Creating: Simple, pretty decor.

Day 7, also late – hurricane vase decor. This will be a super short DIY because I’m not feeling so well, and also… it’s pretty simple :)

Supplies used:

Hurricane vases – you can usually thrift these for really reasonable or find them at the $1 store.

Tissue paper – colour of your choice. I did gold (on two) and silver (on another two) because it was a part of the colours for an event I helped decorate.

Modge podge and brush

Rotary cutter (optional)


Cut the paper – you can decide a size that looks good to you.

Modge podge tissue paper to the vase, one at a time. I overlayed each piece slightly. (Pic below)


Spray painted wine bottles. Pretty simple, super cool. Soak wine bottles in water for a few hours and peel and scrap paper off. Spray paint them. Add tall candles.

Ted took a few photos at last nights event:
Beautiful Wife (2 of 4)

Beautiful Wife (4 of 4)

Thanks for popping by. I’m so sorry this is pretty much a short post. Please pray for healing in my chest? My lungs are really struggling lately. Hope to post 2 more DIYs tomorrow :

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