12 Days of Creating: Felt Nativity Board

Hi! Can you believe it’s already December 5th? Just 20 Days ’til Christmas! Today’s DIY is for the kiddos. Not necessarily the DIY part but the playing-with-afterwards part ;) Today we are making a felt nativity “board”.
DIYNativityandBoard-5I stumbled upon the {cutest} already-made felt nativity people at Hobby Lobby. The price reads $6 but I got it for 50% a few weeks back. But you’re in luck (if you really like this DIY) because I noticed in the ad that all Christmas’y things are still on sale right now!
DIYFeltNativityBoard Supplies used:

– Pre-made felt people (Hobby Lobby $3)


-Velcro (seriously not much at all, I used just 2 of those 4 strips you see here)

-Hot glue gun

-Yarn + 2 thumb tacks to hang it up (you could use whatever you wanted to hang it)

-Felt for backs of people (you can buy this for 4/$1 at Hobby Lobby)

-Felt for the board (I had to iron mine flat with no lines/creases)

-Cardboard for back (Totally optional. I actually decided against it last minute! If you’d like a more sturdy board, I would recommend that.)

DIYNativityandBoard-1This is another SUPER simple DIY:

Step 1: Glue people to felt (colour of your choice. I just used what I had leftover from Shai’s 1st birthday- teal)

Step 2: Cut out people

Side note: How CUTE is that Mary?! I just think that is the {perfect} expression ever for the momma of Jesus. LOVE her!

DIYNativityandBoard-2Step 3: glue small pieces of velcro to backs. A little velcro went a long way here!DIYNativityandBoard-4Step 4: (optional) I braided my hard to make it a little stronger to hold better.

Step 5: Glue back edge of felt over the yarn.DIYNativityandBoard-3

Step 6: Hang it and let the kiddos enjoy it!

Our “board” ended up matching the wall almost perfectly which was kind of a bummer. I just used what I had and it was either the cream or an obnoxiously bright red haha.


The boys absolutely love it and I have found Chase telling Shailo (and then again today, with the little girl I watch) about “baby Jesus” which is super sweet to watch!

The board looks a little sparse at the moment and I was thinking once I could get a piece of brown felt I will make a barn for them to go in! The possibilities are endless ;)

Hope you are inspired!

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