12 Days of Creating: ‘Days Until’ Chalkboard Sign.

Day 4 is one I’m especially excited to share because it’s one I feel many of you could really enjoy! I found a sign at Hobby Lobby that read “Days Until” but it was around $35 which was a bummer. I looked at the sign and really wanted it but not at that price. I knew I already had chalkboard paint (I’m a little obsessed with my love for chalkboards) and wondered if I could re-create my own! DIYDaysUntilSign-2

Supplies used:

Thrifted piece of wood or probably even a 2 x 4 – I searched the ARC and found this La Toilette sign (it is cute, but not at all my style!) for $1.50.

Chalkboard paint- there is also a spray paint kind but I prefer the can kind. It can be kind of expensive right off the bat ranging from $4-15 but I have used my can for multiple chalkboard project, some of which I will show you here.

Paint brush

Stickers or a cricut and vinyl – I just used what I had leftover from a previous project and it has stuck very well.

9a256c24195311e299e022000a1fb043_7I have already put our sign to good use. I LOVE it! And it’s so simple to make!


Step 1: Paint it. (I put 2 coats on ours)

Step 2: Give it 24 hours to dry (I am not very patient but have learned that this is really important)

Step 3: Add words. You can also have it read “days ’til” or “sleeps until”. After I made it I kind of wished I had done “Sleep until” because that is what we say with Chaseyboy!DIYChalkboardFrame-1

Another use of the chalkboard paint. I decided to find a few pics I had on the computer to show you just how far that little can of chalkboard paint can go.

DIYChalkboardFrame-2See that HUGE chalkboard? Another example of the amazing little can, it even has 2 coats on it! (wall pic is pre- our crazy gallery wall. Hope to blog that soon.)

(chalkboard paint was also used in the little window)

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post! Would make a fun gift or just a great thing to have around for those who love countdowns to fun events/goals/holidays, etc!

xx, Jami

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