12 Days of Creating: Fridge Organizers (Gift Idea)

Day 3 of 12 Days of Creating is a very simple and reasonable project to inspire organization. Practical and cute! This could be used as a lovely touch to your fridge or as a gift for a list maker (or those who need a little help maybe, like me :)) in your life.

Project 1: Cute Fridge To Do list

DIYFridgeOrganizers-1Supplies used:

-To do list- the $1 section at Target has the CUTEST notepads and to do lists, etc.

-Magnet – I bought a flexible magnetic strip with adhesive for around $3 at Hobby Lobby and there is more than enough for multiple projects!

I absolutely love the cute lists in the $1 section at Target however, the size of the magnetic ones are sometimes not a practical size for me and my not-so-small handwriting, especially with To Do lists/calendars. I found these cute notepads and thought why not make them magnetic for myself and as gifts! DIYFridgeOrganizers-4

And it is possibly the fastest DIY to date. Only 1 step: Add magnet to back!

Project 2: Fridge Chalkboard for the ForgetfulDIYfridgeorganizersCollage2

Supplies used:

-Chalkboard slate – I thrifted mine for 70 cents but I have noticed Walmart and Hobby Lobby both carry chalkboards too if you aren’t able to thrift one!

-Paint and paint brush

One of the most frustrating things I often do is forget what fruits and veggies or leftovers we have in our fridge before they go to waste. I am so upset with myself when I reach in the fridge and realize we have to throw away food. I was originally going to use the chalkboard in our bedroom just to write sweet notes, but I realized although that’s the cutest idea…I’m not sure the chalkboard would really be used much. HAHA! I decided it would be the perfect size and fit for a fridge chalkboard!

Another super simple DIY! 2 steps:

Step 1: Paint it (if you want to)

Step 2: Add magnetsDIYFridgeOrganizers-3

Now all I need is an automatic spell check in my head! Hehe :) Hope you are inspired to create and get organized. I stink at organization, that is a gift I did {not} naturally inherit from my momma unfortunately. So small tools like this really help me! I hope this helps you too!

(Please pray for our family? We’re all starting to feel under the weather. I feel so icky right now but thankfully I was able to take a few minutes to prep this post this morning when I felt much more alive! Anyways, g’night and thanks for popping by :))

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