12 Days of Creating: Simple Mason Jar Decor

Hello friends! Welcome to day 2 of 12 Days of Creating! Today is SUPER simple but cute. Let’s spice up some jars to look holiday ready! Don’t worry about ruining your beloved mason jars because this DIY is 100% removable. So with a new season, you can easily slip off the holiday pretties we’re about to add!
diyjarsCollage4Supplies used shown above. The twine/string was from the $1 section at Target. Also helpful to put cute but super active baby in jumperoo and visit HGTV.COM and watch Design star while you create… Oh wait, that’s what I sometimes do! :)


Step 1: Measure your fabric

Step 2: Carefully glue the fabric pieces together without a) burning your finger and b) getting it on the jar. Use paper/cardboard if you need to.

Step 3: Tie a pretty bow and if you want, dab a small piece of glue behind to straighten the bow.

For the second jar look, follow the steps below:


Create a cute bow!embroideryhoopDIY-1-4

Simply follow above steps as you glue the fabric carefully on so not to glue on the jar. Hope you are inspired! These particular jars were decorated for a Ugly Sweater Christmas Party we just had this afternoon. I will post pics of that soon! Stay tuned this week and next for more DIYs and even a few gift ideas!

xx, Jami

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