Pumpkin paintin’ {2012}

I am so that momma who prefers the painty mess to the gooey mess of pumpkin carving. The insides of pumpkins just really gross me out and we love to paint here, so what better way than to paint our pumpkins. We started this fun tradition last year and enjoyed it again this year.
This time Shailo was able to join in too! He was more interested in trying to {eat} the pumpkins, but of course.

Chase’s concentrating face cracks me up. :)I went with chevron with mine, shocking I know. ;) It ended up reminding me of Charlie Brown, which I love!

(above photo taken with my iphone)

We ended up having the 4 little pumpkins stolen or taken. I really don’t know what happened to them. No sign whatsoever of where they went. One day I noticed 2 were missing, then one another day and then finally the last of the small pumpkins. Made me think it was maybe an animal? Yeah, no idea! I mean wouldn’t someone have stolen the decor too? Haha!

Chase was super bummed but I told him I thought a squirrel thought they needed them for his home. ;)


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