“Little old man” Shai’s UP 1st Birthday Party!

It’s hard to believe but our baby turned 1 just last week. Ted and I are both taken aback by how time seems to just fly lately. Didn’t I just have this little one?! Recognizing the speed of our lives makes me want to be sure to pause momentarily to capture the moments of their lives. Last week his birthday fell mid-week so we did things as a family on the day of his birthday but Sunday the 11th Shailo had his first birthday party. It was inspired by Disney Pixar’s UP. And what better way to celebrate Shai? Our baby whom we thought looked like a “little old man” from day one. Anyways, enough chatting. Here are photos from his birthday week and birthday party:

Even before the party really began, Shai took his roll of the little old man in UP quite seriously. He grabbed hold of a balloon and really only let go of it to change into his birthday outfit, open gifts and eat cake, but of course!

{Happy birthday} to our fun-loving, super social, determined, friendly, adventurous, energetic, and incredibly daring little one!

and might dashing as well :)

(I did my own personal take on UP and went with a more vintage inspired UP)Shai’s cake. Clearly my sweet friend, Chey had nothing to do with this cake hehe. But I am thankful we were able to create a simple cake, what I’d hoped for!
Shailo was a little confused at everyone singing to him and why momma would let a flame be so close to his little fearless self. Haha!He dug in and ate the cupcake as fast as he could. The cutest, funniest moment was a few minutes after devouring his cupcake, when he ZONKED.

(Below are the photos of his birthday taken with a phone)…

Some more details of the party and cute (but pixely) photos of Shai.Happy 1st birthday, our beloved Shai. You have added such a fun spunk to our family dynamic. You are incredible and we are so very blessed and thankful to call you ours, Shailo Valour: God’s gift – our brave, fearless, daring and peaceable warrior.

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