When I learned we were having another boy I was oh so excited. Chase would have a little brother! But one thing that somewhat worried me was the age gap. I wanted to have our kiddos close together (that dream has shifted due to what we’ve walked through…I hope to blog about that soon). I wondered what boys, 28 months apart, would be like. Would they be close or would the age gap be awkward and difficult?

(poor quality on some, all photos taken with my phone)

Early, early on in Shailo’s life I realized, the age gap is fine. I think that the age really doesn’t matter actually because I’ve come to realize, brotherhood is brotherhood and boy, it’s the coolest, most heartwarming (and sometimes a physically painful ;)) thing to watch unfold.
Watching Chaseyboy’s immediate love Shailo helped ease my fears too.
His natural desire to protect and comfort him made my heart soar.They also get into a lot of mischief together which either makes me laugh or drives me crazy cray ;)

They both love to cuddle on my lap or next to me in bed. This is something I know, that I know, that I KNOW I will miss greatly when they are older. I’m gunna be ‘that’ momma who wants to hold her teenage sons hand or wants him to sit in her lap or tell her EVERYTHING. bahaha… my poor boys…Chase likes to help me “teach” Shailo things too. He helped me teach Shailo baby sign language and even still when Shailo won’t do it he will say, “Brother/Shailo, say ‘more please’.” while signing. I think it’s too stinkin’ cute.
I adore Shailo’s fascination with Chase. He learned early on how to make the “vroom, vroom”  and train sounds. As soon as he could, he crawled and then walked in Chaseyboy’s footprints. Yesterday was a great example;

When Shailo brought a pair of Chase’s underwear to me. I set them aside and he picked them back up and then lifted his foot as though he wanted me to put them ON him. So I did, over his diaper. He was beyond excited and turned to proudly show his brother! I couldn’t believe it. Super cute and funny!When Chase and Shailo have to go to childcare or be babysat, etc. he always wants to be sure Shailo is going to be with him too and he sticks by his side. Melts mah heart. :)

Each morning, even 11 months later, when Shailo wakes up Chase is so excited to see him. He says “Good morning, Shailo!” or “Good morning, Brother!” Or some mornings, like the one pictured above, if Chase is already awake when Shailo gets up, Shai will look around for brother until he spots him, push his way off my lap or out of my arms and take off to play with brother.

OH, my heart!

I’ve also found something quite interesting and that is Chase is becoming more and more brave. I believe it is a collaboration of becoming a big brother and also, watching his fearless little brother.

It isn’t perfect. There are moments, many times a day, where I am already separating the two or telling them to share, etc. There are moments I feel totally in over my head with two boys, that is true. (Their teenage years Shailo’s going to eat us out of house and home and Chase’s OCD-ness is probably going to drive me INSANE ;)) However, my heart is truly full as I watch this beautiful brotherhood unfold with each new day, new season. I am so very thankful for my two precious boys. I am enjoying their unique personalities and differences and what they draw out of one another in each day and each new season.

Our sweet boys. Brothers.

They continually make my heart overflow…

3 thoughts on “Brothers.

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness… this is absolutely the most heartwarming wonderful post ever. What sweet sweet moments! Their age gap is nothin… I’m still sad because at this point, Josiah will be a minimum of 4 years old whenever we finally have another baby. But God is writing their story, not us, and I trust He knows what He’s doing. Thanks for sharing! (and sorry I hardly ever comment.. I tend to read on my phone and commenting never seems to work right… tonight is a rare time that I’m on an actual computer) :)


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