8 month Shai. (just a {tad} late)

Each month holds an entire new round of ‘firsts’ and new fun for babies. In his 8th month…-He started to really mimic his brother in such cute and funny ways. Above photo shows him trying to grin like Chaseyboy.

-We decided we would do an UP inspired 1st birthday party for him because when he was a newborn we thought he looked like a “little old man” so what better way to celebrate him?!  Plus, okay, I love UP and Shailo really doesn’t have an opinion yet ;)

-He had sugar for his first time when he stole a cinnamon roll and then another time when he grabbed my frosty (chase was around 16 months when he had sugar… second child syndrome? haha),

Sure love this boy!

 -He took his first trip to the top of a mountain.

-He got his first real cold :( Broke mah heart.

-Wore his first wig haha … We also have a similar wig photo of Chase when he was his age.

-Celebrated Chase’s birthday for the first time

-Tried mangos and loved them. Boy after my own heart.

-He got his first gash.

 -Started really climbing up on things and inside of things too!

I can’t think of anymore first, but I’m sure there are some I am missing.

What a fun month :) Waaay over due. Trying to catch up before he is one in less than a MONTH! What?!

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