the birth of seth tyrus maxwell, part two.

Be sure to read the first part of this incredible birth story, here.
Where was I? Oh yes, this incredible, and surprisingly big, baby boy was born.8lbs 14oz 21 14/in … and with a set of healthy lungs!Precious moments with his momma. It was so amazing to watch him just watching her face.Daddy stood by as they did a newborn screening and footprints. 

Big brother Anthem meeting him for the first time. <3
I’m pretty sure he loved him. :)

Such an honour to know such a beautiful family. What a memorable day, the birthday of Seth Tyrus Maxwell.

3 thoughts on “the birth of seth tyrus maxwell, part two.

  1. Sal {Daniel and I} says:

    These are wonderful photos – I am sure that this family will treasure these moments forever.

    Thank you for your very thoughtful post – I have been so very touched by the messages of hope and empowerment that I have received in sharing my story. The whole process of writing and discussing it has helped me grieve but also heal. Thank you once again.
    Sal x


  2. Debbie says:

    That was so incredibly beautiful! Thank you for capturing the beauty of the day in so many ways. God has truly blessed our family.


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