art & justice & a vote!

I wanted to hop on before it’s too late and share about an incredibly, beautiful thing that my friends are doing. And share a super simple way you could help!

You see, they’ve entered a contest with Good Magazine and could use your vote. The project with the most votes wins $5,000! They’re shooting for #1 by August 23 and are currently #2 by just THREE votes! (this was written last night so that could have changed, forgot to hit publish on this post :( )

But before I get ahead of myself, here is a peek at what AJL is all about…

I don’t typically share this sort of thing on my blog but my friends have hearts and dreams of gold that I believe would truly change to the world… Would you please take just a few moments to help towards this great cause?! click here  to vote for them?

I figured if even a handful of those of you who follow my blog would help, there is potential for them to reach #1 and help earn them this money to do such incredible things.

Less than 3 hours left!!! Please help!

Thank you so much!

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