wide-eyed boys.

An image heavy post about Chaseyboy and Shai’s first aquarium trip. (the first week of June, bottom photos of recent trips)

Another incredible gift from my mother-in-law, Anisa, was a pass to the Denver Aquarium. The boys absolutely love it. Each time it’s a wide-eyed experience for them.{mesmerized}Chase and I absolutely love the sea turtles. There is just something so cool about them. honestly, I’m kind of diggin’ this pass myself! It’s just an all around fun time for all of us. Even Shai, our little silly goose (pictured here at 7 months), loves watching the fishies  go by.

Chaseyboy enjoys seeing the tiger amongst all of the fishes. Quite random, but cool :)

A nice little perk with our pass, is getting to do a few fun things like getting our faces painted, feeding the sting rays, etc! (photos below taken phone)

the jellies.

This was my view for yesterday’s entire Aquarium trip. Love how mesmerized he is! (left photo with a filter, right photo is without a filter. He’s got SUPER blue eyes!)

This is probably our favourite spot in the aquarium. You’re surrounded and it’s awesome!

During one of our trips we just happened to be there during one of the mermaid shows. Chase was confused to the max, but it was still pretty awesome to watch! He was also one of the only little boys standing near the window so he got a lot of special attention from the mermaids as they swam down. kinda cute :)

What a fun experience for kiddos. I still remember the trips my family took when I was a little girl, so I know this will be a sweet memory for our boys!

Thanks for popping by! What kind of fun family things do you remember doing as a child? What kinds of things do you enjoy doing with your family?

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