7 month Shai.

In just 3 days Shailo will be 9 months. 9. I am in utter shock at how fast time has flown! I realized I never got around to posting his 7 or 8 month photos, so here I am, playing catchup :)

7 months was OH SO EXCITING! :)

Below are photos taken with my phone during his 7 month.Left: Shai next to the outfit we brought him home in. Right: brothers and a puff explosion.
In his 7 month, his top teeth began to bother him and he stared struggling with sleeping because of them, he started throwing his arms up when we said, “touch down” and “so big”, he started really crawling everywhere, pulled himself up for the first time, banged his head and face numerous times, etc…
Like big brother Chase, Shai {LOVES} water. The difference between them is that Chase is my cautious, wait and watch and THEN play – kiddo. While Shailo is my just go for it, daring child. He is FEARLESS. I am in big trouble.
Shai absolutely {adores} his big brother. It’s so precious to watch!

Shailo is my EATER. He’s probably already eaten more than Chase ever has in his 3 years… exaggerate much? Haha, but really, this kid can eat! (also pictured above, Father’s Day 2012)

Shai really tries to be wherever brother is. I love it and Chase usually does too. Sometimes, it’s a struggle especially now that little brother is on the move :)

Shai, you rock our worlds with your fun personality and your daring spirit. We {adore} you!


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