Chasey-boy’s CARS themed birthday party!

Me (months ago): Chase, what kind of birthday party would you like to have?

Chase: A Lightning McQueen party!

From that moment on I began to envision how I would put together a Cars themed birthday party. Don’t get me wrong, I find party planning a joy (hosting it, not so much haha) but when it came to this theme I was lacking in the inspiration department.  How Does She?’s blogpost said it best when she wrote and said, “Commercialized theme parties are hard to pull off without looking,…um,…commercialized.”  My thoughts exactly. At the end of May, Chase really got into Superman (not sure how, he just has a cup and a book, and when he’s a little older I  have for him a (thrifted) DVD that has a variety of Superman cartoons created over the years.) I was telling a friend of mine of how seriously tempted I was to manipulate the situation and do a SUPERHERO birthday instead because, that sounded way more fun to put together. I mean, if you have a pinterest account, you know what I mean… ;)

Anyways, I thought about it briefly but then went with what my sweet boy had initially decided. HE would {love} it and that was the most important thing. So I kind of dug up the inspiration from watching my son play cars- so we brought a cars mat and cars along, colour Lightning McQueen – so we had a little colouring station set up, watching him run around “so fast like Li-keen Mckeen” (as he’s grown up calling him) – so we did cardboard cars, etc. What fun!

Chase was BEYOND excited when he saw his cake. He spent time on Pinterest with me one day and helped me pick out his cake. He wanted a chocolate cake and one with a 3, a road, Lightning McQueen and Mator. I am a pretty lucky momma because my best friend knows how to really decorate a cake! She does the cake and I am able to pour my time and energy into other things, yay! (Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Chey!) Um, didn’t she do AWESOME!

We are always on a pretty tight budget and with events like this, it can either super bum you out or super inspire you. I chose the later (mistake I made last year was choosing to be a debby downer about it). Months in advance,  I went with thrifting for Cars themed things like the tires you’ll see below, all the way to a few brand new boxes of Cars themed crayons (a part of the party favors.) I also used free printables for the tables from another Cars party I found! And hit up the $1 store and $1 sections for any deals I could find in his party colours and theme.
He actually sung as everyone else did, hehe. Love this age!
Cupcakes aka Luigi’s Case Della Tires
Happy Birthday, Chasey-boy! Birthday boy wore a 3 (iron on) because I’m cheesy like that ;)

We did a tattoo booth “Ramone’s House of Body Art” and did temporary tattoos of Cars characters and also $1 store packs of pretty ones for the girls. It was a hit!(above photo from my phone)

Even Shai got one :)
(above photo from my phone) You can never go wrong with cars and a cars mat with boys and even girls, as I learned at this party!

(above photo from my phone)

I decided to just go for it when it came to the cars. Chase helped me chose which characters he wanted (we just did Cars 1 movie characters because it seemed more simple and I wasn’t sure how this would go.) I found the idea to do box cars off pinterest and free handed the faces and totally made up the sides/backs haha. Chase LOVED them!The races were a hit. I think we all could have done this for hours. So much fun and SO worth the time of making them. I actually sat painting the cars with my mom (she was a LIFESAVER and painted each of the boxes the solid colours while I did the faces, etc) and I asked her if I was being ridiculous in this party planning and how much I was enjoying it. She replied and told me she was the same way and that she didn’t think I was. I get it from her. My mom threw the BEST, most creative and fun birthday parties for us as we grew up. She’s my inspiration!
This year we asked friends and family for gifts that inspired creativity whether it be puzzles, books, colouring books, paint, playdoh… not going to lie, I am pretty excited about the gifts he got. We’ve had a ton of fun already!
While the kiddos were distracted by Chase opening gifts, the guys took full advantage and raced. HAHA!

Thought it would be fitting to make this shirt for Shailo. Go, Brother, Go! :)
Happy birthday, Chasey-boy! So many things to be said about you and our 3 years with you. Post soon.

15 thoughts on “Chasey-boy’s CARS themed birthday party!

  1. Melissa says:

    That is one awesome party! I am soooo impressed! I feel like I haven’t commented on here in ages but I always love reading about how you guys are doing! Great job mama and happy birthday again to Chase!!! :)


    • colourherhope says:

      I actually used just regular acrylic paint! I watered down the paint to have it spread well on the cardboard…. for the big parts like the main colour. I then let it dry and painted the faces and whites, etc.


  2. Wendy says:

    Hi, I know I’m 3 years late – but I love this party! Would you mind sharing the kind of box you used? I noticed they have handles? Ingenious!!! How long did it take you and your mom to make all of those boxes?

    Well done!


    • colourherhope says:

      Hi Wendy! We actually made the handles … I used a knife to carve out the holes. Just be careful haha! And we used regular boxes of different shapes and sizes. It took a while haha, we painted the solid colours first – watered down the paint to make it go further. Let it dry and then I painted the faces!


  3. Wendy says:

    Thank you! My husband is taking forever to “find” the box cutter! But I totally used your inspiration and created THREE cars (don’t know how you did so many!) so I will get out my knife and get to work tonight! BTW I spray painted the boxes, then went back the next day and did the faces in the acrylic paint like you did! Thanks so much for the tips and blog. VERY helpful!


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