a Zoo of a different kind.

Early May we visited a fun, creative, slightly creepy place called Swetsville Zoo (it’s free, donations welcome as the sign says). It’s literally 2 minutes from my parents home and 15 minutes away from our previous home in Fort Collins but we hadn’t had time to stop by as a family until then. It is a place that I vaguely remember going to as a child.
The “zoo” is created from old scrap metal, farm machinery and car parts. The creations reminds me a bit of Tim Burton’s imagination.

Chaseyboy was aprehensive at first because it really is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Once he began to realize there were creations like metal dinosaurs and turtles and a “heavy metal” rock band, he really enjoyed it and ran around checking everything out.

                          It’s a zoo of a different kind but it sure is a lot of fun. I found one man’s creative expression inspiring!

What a fun little trip! If you’re road tripping you should definitely make a stop by the Swetsville Zoo!

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