6 months.

oh, 6 month Shai, you rocked our world. kind of made us realize just how faaaaaast time was really flying. left your daddy and i shaking our heads at the fact that though it felt like we had just had you, here we were, a half a year later.

not only was {time} moving fast… you were too. photographing you this month was just a tad different then your first few months :)

but i can’t complain because you made it extra fun. you have a serious fascination with the camera whenever momma or daddy snap pictures of you. we kinda love it. makes for some cute shots of your little face concentrating.now that your “teefers” have popped through, your little smile became even more adorable.

did i mention you love to move, because you do. always. 

you also love to sing. it’s super adorable and we all love it. i remember the day we brought you up to the hospital room, you were in my arms humming and the nurse was worried because of a very thing that they actually call “singing” which has something to do with newborn airways being blocked. they kept checking your oxygen levels and every single time, all was well. you just loved to sing from day one. sure love that about you!

beautiful boy, happy {belated on the blog} 6 months of life. we are so very blessed to call you son. uniquely you, you have changed our lives. you are truly a {joy} and we couldn’t be more grateful for you and God placing you in our little family.

we are excited (but not anxiously rushing time) to see you grow in the many more months and years to come, little Shai.

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