5 months.

I’m so behind in catching up that Shai is now already {7 months} old and I’m just playing catchup on here about this beautiful boy that’s stolen a part of my heart.

At 5 months he really began to move. This child has loved tummy-time from the beginning. Weird, right? Chaseyboy hated it which probably explains why Chase didn’t really crawl until around 8 months and then he instead decided walking was better. Shailo is way different in this way, and really in many ways.

He. is. really. this. happy.

by 5 months, doing a photoshoot – on a couch- with a little wiggler baby was a little interesting. and each month it gets more and more interesting and {A LOT} shorter and with fewer photos. haha :)

Now for the everyday moments captured by my phone…

In his 5th month: we were settling in our new home. he made a little friend in the little girl I watch (she’s 3 weeks older and he absolutely loves her). his teeth buds began to show. he began really sitting up by himself with the help of a boppy to save his falls (this was much later than Chase but Chase also didn’t like his tummy like Shai does – love that even that is different about them :)), he took the longest nap (for him, he’s my catnapper baby) to date – 2.5 hours!

 he. absolutely.adores. his daddy and his brother. he began doing what we’re calling “push-ups”, he made a little friend in the little girl I watch (she’s 3 weeks older and he absolutely loves her).

he moved into a pack n’ play (beside our bed. working on some fear-based things but this is something i still need. to have him close. i have a goal to try and move him to a different room with Chase at the end of summer. huge huge thing, for me, not them….)

his eyes are still bright blue (Chaseyboy’s had turned by now), he started really scootin’, started sticking his tongue out – so cute, he started doing this little giggle where he’d force it and squint and close his eyes as he did – adorable!

he attended his first art show ;) and in his 5th month, he was still as happy as ever.

I could cry at how fast time is flying by. It seems like it’s at full speed currently. He (and my Chaseyboy) are getting so big so fast. I mean, Chase will be 3 in just one month! Just wow.

3 thoughts on “5 months.

  1. Hannah says:

    He is so, so beautiful Jami. And wow- I can’t believe Chase will be 3 already! Looking at these photos, it’s hard to believe that Isaac will be doing all of these things so very soon. The way babies change from week to week and month to month just blows me away. I can definitely relate to your last few sentences. I just want to soak up every second and somehow bottle it for later :) But i guess the pictures are our way of doing that. xo


  2. Chey says:

    omg one of those pictures looks JUST like chase when he was that age! wow! i’ve never seen him looking so alike to chase before! so beautiful.


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