4 months.

Sadly, all of the photos of Shai from his 4 month photo shoot, were deleted before they were even uploaded. I have not a one. That was a sad moment but that’s okay, because thankfully I took quite a bit of photos during his 4th month of life ;) Here are the ones taken from my phone.

I feel as though each new month I say that same thing and that is that this is my favourite age. I just absolutely adore  watching Shai’s personality shine with each passing month.

In his 4th month: he (unfortunetly but thankfully) spent his first time (of many) in the jumperoo as we packed and moved and unpacked, he started doing the same “pterodactyl scream” Chaseyboy did at that age, he chomped and chomped on everything, he started scootin’ around, he started really getting some hair, started really interacting with brother more…

He is an absolute JOY. He is truly such a happy baby and oh-so-sweet!

There’s a snitbit of Shai’s 4th month. Ya know, only a few months behind! ;)

One thought on “4 months.

  1. meagan says:

    Hi jami! it’s been awhile since i’ve stopped by your little corner, but i’ve enjoyed “catching up”. Thank you for being real and speaking truth to yourself (and everyone reading!) I have to say that your kids are seriously some of the cutest i’ve ever seen and i’m honestly not just saying that- they are indeed adorable. :) you’re doing a great job- i can tell by the sweetness and joy in their eyes. keep it up, girl! :)


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