i miss this.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been missing it terribly and today I realized how much I really need to keep blogging. Journaling is great, and I love to write everything out but there is something about blogging and putting all of my documentation in one place – writing, pictures and all. It’s a part of me which some may never understand but that’s okay. I’ve realized I have kind of let a few words of discouragement towards blogging bother me more than they should. I got caught up in believing that certain thing should {always} take priority to the things like this. I don’t really believe that and I’m not sure why I’ve let myself live out of this for months now. I miss blogging and sharing and most importantly documenting so that one day my kiddos can look back and read of each season in their lives.

Today Chaseyboy sat on my lap while we read from a blog post (created into a small bonded book) that I wrote to him when he was 1.5-years-old. It made me realize how much I miss documenting like this and why I really need to keep doing this. Hence, the beginning of hopefully many posts, once again. I feel like I have SO much to share now that I am back. definitely a lot of photos (most taken from my phone and some from our camera). Ted was super encouraging when I told him of how much I’ve missed this and missed even writing about the kid’s at different stages.

I’m just gonna start making it a priority again and blog my little heart away.

Stop by and enjoy if ya want ;)


4 thoughts on “i miss this.

  1. Mary Jo says:

    I am so glad my little book gift to you has brought you back to this. Someday your kids will love that you did this. Maybe you could create a 3-ring binder for each of them and print each blog about them and put it in there so they will always have a copy.


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