Today’s checkup & a sneak peak.

Today’s doctors appointment proved things really haven’t changed much. Baby is doing well, but is still growing behind behind schedule. Our doctor told me next week when the specialist checks on the measurements, it will tell us a lot about the future plans. If he/she is still not growing… then we will talk about when we will deliver, which will be early, even as early as 24 weeks (3 weeks away….)  But there is a possibility that the placenta can do it’s work despite the damage done.

He told us the placenta is incredible and even though it can be damaged it can still nourish the baby but sometimes if the damage is too much, the baby can survive in the womb but just barely. I don’t like barely…

Please pray for healing because the thought of delivering early terrifies me.

On a fun, positive note… we decided to still do the ‘Pink or Blue?’ gender surprise party!I will be laying down for it, except the cake cutting part, but we decided we still wanted to CELEBRATE baby. I think it’s perfect that we decided to find out the sex of this baby this time around. You have no idea how badly I want to call him or her by name. I’m even considering sharing his/her name to everyone so they can pray for him/her specifically. Unsure about that still… but maybe you will see his/her name once we find out the gender.

I was planning on making a fun, simple fabric banner, but since I couldn’t use the sewing machine due to bedrest… I decided why not do a paper one?! (the pink is as far as I am, but the doesn’t mean I’m wanting a girl more, I want a boy too, just the same)

Guess what I’ve had for a week now…

The envelope which states boy or girl! Knowing the sex of our baby is literally at my finger tips! An ultrasound tech, our specialist and our doctor all confirmed the same sex… I mean, they didn’t tell me, they just told us they all agreed :) YAY! So at least the cake won’t be green inside, haha. (Just in case you’re wondering what I am talking about “cake?” read here).

Stay tuned on SUNDAY EVENING to hear the news; BOY or GIRL!!

2 thoughts on “Today’s checkup & a sneak peak.

  1. Katie Espigh says:

    I would LOVE to pray for your baby by name, but I also understand the keeping it a secret part! This is a miracle baby and he/she has a wonderful momma and daddy!!


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