Dear Baby,

Dear little baby D,

I’m lying here, trying to take the best care of you that I can, but I’m fearful almost everyday…until I feel your swift kicks to let me know you’re okay. I long to hold you in my arms, more than anything else. To see your pretty eyes, your tiny fingers and toes, to feel your warm skin against mine… to know you are here and you are safe.

I already have dreams for you. I already know your name, whether you are my littlest boy or my precious girl. If you are a boy, your name will mean strong & little hero and if you are a girl, your name will mean strong, beautiful and break of day. Both fit so perfectly for everything you’ve gone through thus far. This sunday we will find out if you are our son or our daughter! I cannot wait to start calling you by name.

I dream big dreams for you already. I’m holding onto the hope I have and trusting that you will be in my arms in december, which seems so far away right now but is really not that far.

You are a fighter, baby, and for that I am so thankful. Please keep fighting and know you are loved and prayed for daily and by many. We are over halfway to meeting you and holding you in our arms!

You’re my miracle baby and I cannot wait to have you in my arms at last.

love you,


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