photo update on little baby D

He/she has hit it’s first big growth spurt (that I can tell) and I am seriously bigger in just two weeks. Belly wise, that is! Thankfully this pregnancy, even despite taking it easy, I have only gained 8 pounds! I am resisting the “cravings” that I gave into everytime with Chase and I am not following the “eating for two” rule again. :) By this time with Chase I was at least 20 lbs heavier. Please encourage me to keep this up, haha :)

I am carrying much higher with this one. We’ll see if that has anything to do with the sex :) We are doing our “Pink or Blue?” themed gender surprise party on August 8th. Stay tuned to find out. Any guesses? I’m still thinking pink but will be THRILLED if it’s another boy.

Oh and we’ve finally figured out our boy’s name. Initials VHD. The name I won’t share until he/she arrives, you know, just to be a stinker ;)

4 thoughts on “photo update on little baby D

  1. Amy says:

    Someone else in this family needs to have multiple boys…and I think it needs to be you! So I will be thinking blue, blue, blue!


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