Sometimes lists can be good.

Since I’ve had to take it easy in this pregnancy, it’s given me a lot of time to think and to be honest, I feel lazy sometimes. I’ve let things I desire to learn and grow in, just slip away from me that past few years. Well, I’ve written down a list of things I want to learn and things I want to do. And I’ve decided to make my way through that list and just go for it. I’ve shared these with Ted but I wanted to write them on my blog as well, kind of as an accountability and also, when I do blog about something on the list, I’d love to hear advice on the subjects.

Here are 12 things from my growing list;

01. I really, really, really want to learn to sew. Like, actually sew, more than just little projects. I found the perfect opportunity here (or click photo above) and I am hoping to be able to keep up! I want to learn to create anything, sewing! So, if my kiddos ask me to make something I can, and if I need to decorate our home, I can make it myself! I want to learn to make good quality clothes for my style and for my kids.

02. I want to learn to read recipes & learn how to cook for my family. You would probably be disgusted if you knew what I feed Ted and I. I cook from boxes usually :/ I want to learn how to actually cook and how to cook healthy meals. When I made Chase’s birthday cake, I actually cried, because I just couldn’t believe I had made it and to me, it wasn’t easy! It felt good knowing I can make him things that are very good for him. We have just been feeding Chase natural and organic, from jars & veggies, etc but I want to know more!

03. This goes with number 2. I want to learn nutrition from infancy to adulthood so I know what to feed my family. We grew up eating pretty healthy, rarely eating out and my mom cooked from scratch most of the time (i wish i would have wanted to learn from her)! I’d love to know what I am feeding my family and know they are getting what they need to be healthy.

04. I want to make photo books of my kids for each year. This might surprise you, but I don’t really want to do scrapbooking. I think that I wouldn’t stay on top of it because I’m not super passionate about it. I prefer to art journal (which is similar) but I’d rather do a photo book instead. I take a lot of photos, mostly because I am vision oriented and would rather share a photo that tells the story. But I can’t afford to print them all and decided to do photo books like this one, for each kid and each year.

05. Take advantage of the weather, the free things to do around town and have more family time. These 3 kind of go together. This summer, even despite having to “take it easy”, I decided we needed to really get out and explore, partly for my sanity and mostly for Chase. He makes it pretty easy to decide to get up and get out. He has a blast exploring new places. I am wondering what wintertime will be like, but we will try and find fun things to do.

06. Write a song with my love. He plays guitar and we both sing, but we’ve never yet written a song together.We once tried to write a song about a girl in trafficking, but never finished it. I’d love to write a song or two or three, together.

07. Art journal daily …or at least every other day. Have you ever tried art journaling?! You should, it’s refreshing and really awesome to look back on!

08. Make Chase learning books, like the homemade books I like making. Except… for learning purposes, with things to flip open and things to feel and bright colours and shapes. Ones to learn body parts and ones to learn animals and sounds, etc.

09. Learn to really edit photos. I really have no idea what I am doing and most of the time I just work with a photo until it looks good to me. I know nothing about lighting or colouring, etc. When Ted takes the same photo and edits it, he makes it look professional and I. want. to. learn.

10. To speak up and “not keep silent about the things that matter” (martin luther king, jr). I often don’t speak up when I should. I want to learn to do this and in the most loving and best way. Great or small. I did that last week and even though it was hard, I was proud of myself. I’m tired of being silent.

11. Trust Him and teach my children that He is trustworthy. He is… just hard to believe the truth of that sometimes.

12. Finish the Love Dare. Actually, start over…and do it with my whole heart this time around.

Sometimes, lists can be good. It’s challenging me a lot right now, but in a very, very good way. This is a list that I want to keep growing. I’ll update as we go along, for feedback and advice and maybe sometimes encouragement. Thanks for reading :)

2 thoughts on “Sometimes lists can be good.

  1. Madre says:

    Jami, I will help with accountability, which will be my privilege. I am so proud of you for the desires of your heart. Maybe I’ll make a list too!


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