Our fear{less} son & our littlest kicker.

Today we took a trip to a nearby petting zoo/farm called Lee Martinez. Chase had a blast and once again showed me he is fearless. I was a daredevil as a child and so was Ted. I can’t say that is why he is, but he definitely isn’t afraid of much!

Offering the goat a finger.

Feeding the goats.

Love this smile. Laughing at his grandma (my mom).

Taking a break to sit at the toddler sized table & drink some water.

Besides a big cow using Chase’s leg to scratch his ear and pinning his leg between the fence and him it was mostly a good day. Chase did take a tumble, head first, downhill, into dirt and scratched his nose up a bit (click photo to enlarge). But as you can see here, he got over that quickly and went on with running around and exploring.

I really enjoy living in Fort Collins, Colorado for many reasons, but one of them is how family friendly this city is. Throughout the city there are a lot of fun things for families to do for free or for a very reasonable price. This trip cost a whopping $2.50 enterance fee for me, Chase was free. The kiddie “water park” we went to for Chase’s first birthday cost us only $12 for two adults and an all day pass which we ended up using to it’s full potential (7 1/2 hours)! And the photos you have seen of us at a Horsetooth Resevoir and Spring Canyon, both of those were free! I’ve been trying to take advantage of the city, the sunshine & time with family and it’s truly been one fantastic summer.

It’s also helped the time pass and the countdown until baby D arrives seriously speed up. Speaking of little baby D;

Last night he/she decided it was time to let both mommy AND daddy feel him/her from the outside. I was lying in bed and told Ted he/she was kicking and I could feel it! He felt it too and we both got just as excited as our first time with Chase. I didn’t want to take my hand off and miss the action (even though I could feel him/her from inside). It’s so precious to me, especially with having gone through what we have with the fear of losing him/her. I fell asleep feeling little baby D beneath my fingertips. Such a relief!

We find out the sex August 4th… well… that is when Dr. Hill will put it in the envelope & that Sunday we will do the cutting of the cake to unveil BOY or GIRL! I’m still thinking girl, but am totally 100% down to have another little boy too. We finally agreed on a boy’s name we love too, so we shall see :)

3 thoughts on “Our fear{less} son & our littlest kicker.

  1. Jenny says:

    I am so happy and excited for you guys with this new baby coming! Also, I think it’s great all the stuff you do with Lil Chase…what a lucky boy to have such a fun creative mommy! Boys sure keep us on out toes with their oblivious, fearlessness!!!


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