the big one.

Chase turned one today. I really can’t even believe it’s already been one year. He’s taught us so much about enjoying the simple things and seeing the endless possibilities in life.

Who is Chase Journey?

He is always on the go -he is part dinosaur or so he thinks- he is bright, a fast learner (like his daddy)- he is stubborn yet sweet- he is daring- he is an explorer… and a tornado- he is quite the character- he is confident and usually not afraid of much- he is so curious- he is loving and a cuddler (when he slows down)- he is 100% all boy- he is mr. social- he is a lover of the outdoors and nature, especially dirt- he is joyful and brings us so much joy- he has an incredible and fun personality- Whew, what a boy!

As we watch him go from a infant to a toddler and on- we can’t help but wonder; what will he be passionate about? …(besides dinos, cars, dirt, outdoors…:))what will he love? what will he be gifted in? We’re so excited to go through this journey with him and are blessed to call him son! … and I can’t wait to see how he interacts with baby D 2!

Here are some photos of the big ONE :) Enjoy.

(I’ll do a blog post soon, of a much recommended naturally sweetened cake!)

We took mini polaroids of most our guests with Chase for his scrapbook.

We spent the day at a pool nearby our house. It was a ton of fun in the sun and celebrating Chase with our friends. Wish you all could have been there!

(Click here to see all of the photos from his birthday party)

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