A Few Fab & Fun Finds (5)

The tag a long, so clever. I’m not super fond of the leashes so this would be awesome for when new baby comes and Chase, who loves to cruise on his own, could learn to hold this instead!!

Oooooh. Girl clothes are so so so so cute. This is expensive but adorable and I’m positive my mom could make this or teach me! {source}

We’re beginning things like this, soon. I grew up making fun tents with my siblings and kids I babysat. Chase is gonna LOVE it or… knock it over. {source}

I LOVE this. I’ve always thought of a bird resembling freedom and this is perfect. {source}

I saw these on promise tangeman’s site and I fell in love. A m a z i n g. {source} I can’t wait to own a home to decorate. I’ve never really given 100% in decorating the places we’ve lived because they weren’t long term, but I think/dream about it often! I can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “A Few Fab & Fun Finds (5)

  1. Danielle says:

    my goodness! I love all your finds! I would love to decorate with that chair! I think we have the same taste in a lot of things! :D But, like you…I haven’t put 100% into decorating because I know our apt isn’t permanent. *sigh* some day.


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