We’re healing up & Baby is staying strong!

Just wanted to share what we heard at todays appointment. We have ultrasound every time (to check on the blood clot in the placenta) and every time I see our baby move and hear his/her swift heartbeat, I tear up. It’s the most relieving sound to me right now. Knowing my baby is still alive and staying strong. He/she is a fighter!

I haven’t asked for a good profile shot of him/her because I haven’t really thought of it with everything going on, but hopefully next time, I will remember. Here is baby’s heartbeat, just had to share!

At today’s appointment we saw that even though the clot was the same size as before, it is healing! Only now, my placenta has wrapped around most of my uterus. (You can see it in the photo).

Our doctor didn’t say it is dangerous, but he wants us to see a specialist so she can take a better look at the clot and the placenta. One very good sign is I am no longer bleeding! The clot has healed up so much that it is no longer producing fresh blood. Thank you God!

So now I am looking very hopefully at the future and the progress of this pregnancy. For a little over a month now we’ve dealt with this fear of losing our baby. I worried with all of the bleeding and the cramping, how it was possible for our baby to still be okay. I can’t really go back to where my mind was during those rough weeks, but I can say the days were long. Sleeping was my best friend, when I could sleep, then my mind wasn’t thinking about everything. But now that we are healing and things are looking up, I can relax, look forward to finding out the sex (2-4 weeks!) and really it is flying by. I mean, I’m already 17 weeks! Almost halfway!

I am still on pelvic rest which basically means, no lifting, no strenuious activities, etc. I can go out, just not walk around for a while. I can handle that :)

I’ve been feeling little baby D’s slight tap, tap, taps inside, which is reassuring as well. Only, he/she is WAY laid back compared to my little ninja man, Chase who was constatnly on the move. Even when they do the ultrasound, the baby is like, totally chill! WAY different than the pregnancy with the boy! I’m thinking girl :)

Thanks for reading, praying and caring!

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