Lately, I’ve been struggling with a feeling of depression. I know a lot of it has to do with being confined and it’s affecting me a lot more than I imagined it would. Well, I now have permission to get out a little more than before but our doctor mostly wants me on pelvic rest and to still take it easy. The past few days have been extremely freeing but since we’re not out of the clear yet, I am really trying to be careful.

Anyways, this is why I wanted to write a blog. I love journaling and art journaling and have done a lot of that but I also love to blog and I miss it. I love documenting Chase and sharing it. I’ve only taken photos with Ted’s ipone lately and decided to put my photo a day project on hold until I feel like I am more myslef. My heart isn’t behind each of the photos I take right now. For now, I have iphone pics but I’m tired of using these for my project because it’s not me giving 100%. I am hoping to start up soon, maybe July again. We’ll see.

I wanted to write  and to share a bit about what’s going on lately.

 I’ve spent a lot of time watching my son do things like this when I’ve blocked him in the living room too long. 11 months and quite the daredevil.

 My family has been INCREDIBLE during this time. My grandparent’s (who we live with right now) have been SO helpful. They take Chase to relative’s ballgames, so he can get out and so I can rest. My aunts have watched him too. My immediate family comes to visit also, I am a board game lover and they come and hang out with me and we do fun things like play Clue, my all time fave.

I’ve watched a lot of movies and tv lately, in fact, probably more than I have in a lifetime. I am not joking. (we didn’t grow up watchin’ tv). My sisters come over to spend time with me and to play with Chase. That has helped me out a TON.

Ted and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this week. Our 3rd! We went to HuHot a mongolian grill. It was delicious and SO, SO, SO nice to get out of the house with Ted for alone time. You know what we ALWAYS end up talking about? Traveling and our time overseas. Hmmm… :)

In some ways I can’t believe we’ve been married 3 years but when I really think about all we have done, the places we’ve traveled, the life we’ve already lived and how we’ve grown… it’s been an amazing, adventure filled, 3 years with many more to come!

Thanks for reading and if you lived close by or even in Arvada, I would LOVE company! Or if you don’t live nearby, I would LOVE to email back and forth; colourherhope@gmail.com.

Much Love- Jami

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