Good News!

Today we had another appoitnment to check on little baby D & the clot. I have still bleeding and nothing had really changed physically, so I wasn’t sure what we’d hear this time.

But Dr. Hill gave us some really good news today. The baby is doing very well and though the 2″ blood clot is still in the placenta, it is changing for the better! The clot is “organizing” which basically means that it is not collecting fresh blood but it taking the blood inside of it and hardening, kind of like a scab. I just know I am explaining this all wrong, but just know… it’s good news! This could mean the clot is HEALING!

I cannot even tell you the relief I felt when I left the office and the burden I feel is being lifted. We are not out of the clear… but we have {hope}. A greater hope than before. We will have another appointment in 2 weeks to check the clot again. Please pray it is healed completely.

I feel like I have been paralyzed in fear and it’s really hindering me from doing the things which I love; creating, playing with Chase, photography, art, blogging, etc… I mean, I am confined to a recliner or a bed, so that doesn’t help at all, but it’s not that I am confined… it’s that I feel passionless and fearful. Even just 3 weeks into this all, I feel so… not myself. I’ve also watched more tv and movies than I have in like, the past 5 years which makes me feel super unproductive. (it’s the way I was raised, I think)

I also have really felt inadequate as a mother lately. Chase can’t stay home alone with me because I can’t take care of him  by myself. I’ve been feeling really… guilty. I can’t explain it. I just feel awful for him that I either have to block him in the living room with me or he is watched by others. He is SO active and on the go and LOVES to be outside and I can’t help him enjoy what he loves right now.

Anyways, please pray for us?  We’re almost outta the clear. We are so very grateful for your prayers, we feel them! This might sound horrid but normally when someone says “I’m praying for you”, I doubt it. I feel like it’s the typical christainy thing to say, but this time… I believe and I FEEL the prayers.

Thank you!!

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