If Chase Could Talk…

This is what I think he’d say…

Thank for singing “you are my sunshine” & praying for me every evening while I was inside mommy.

I still love that song because of you.

Thank you for being being mommy & I’s strength for those long 42 hours before I arrived.

We couldn’t have done that without you.

Thank you for giving me such security in your arms and helping me sleep peacefully on those bad, bad nights.

Thank you for the comfort I find when I am around you Daddy.

I {adore} you.

Thank you for sharing your passions with mommy and me.

When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.

Thank you for wrestling me, chasing after me, letting me get dirty and for teaching me to fake burp even though mommy’s not really into that.

Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to me.

(Jami here ;) ) Baby, I am in awe of how you love and adore our son. You two are  so much alike; both driven, unqiue, determined, “outside the box” thinkers, never giving up easily, slightly stubborn, comforting, passionate, etc. Not to mention, he looks just like you.

I am so blessed to have you father my kiddos. You’re a natural, babe.

And the way you love Little Baby D already, really causes my heart to swell with pride. I’m excited we’re doing life together and you’re the daddy of my precious kiddos. Thank you, myTed!

{Happy Father’s Day!}

3 thoughts on “If Chase Could Talk…

  1. G says:

    Granddaughter you are amazing. The way you put things into words touches my heart. You are an amazing mother to Chase and we are so proud of how you are handeling this difficult time with Baby D. It will have 2 amazing parents and a big brother to love it, along with all the rest of us.


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