Relieved, but not quite out of the clear.

Yesterday afternoon we had our appointment to check on little baby D and my bleeding. I tried to hold onto hope during the 5 days of waiting but each day I lost a lot of the hope. I wasn’t expecting good news, to be honest. Ted still really felt like our baby was okay, but I struggled with believing that. I think because it was my body and I could literally feel everything it was going through, while Ted only knew what was going on from what I told him. If that makes sense?

Leaving our house and making the drive to Denver yesterday morning was extremely hard and long for me. My mom came along with Ted, Chase and I, as support and to watch Chase during the appointment.

Waiting in the room with all of the ultrasound equipment out and ready, made my heart ache. That’s when I began crying. Ted tried to cheer me up and made light conversation with me. Thankfully Dr. Hill came in quickly, did a pelvic exam and then immediately wanted to do an ultrasound. I had already decided I didn’t want to watch the ultrasound this time. I saw our baby Saturday evening in the ER, alive and well, and that was what I wanted to remember. So I turned my head to face the wall and waited. Dr. Hill started talking about the baby’s movement and I just started crying. Dr. Hill was awesome in letting me just cry for a minute and he showed us the baby’s heartbeat to put us even more at ease.

{Little Baby D is still doing well!!}

So what is the bleeding from?

The bleeding is from two blood clots in the placenta and I also have a low lying placenta, which just means where the opening for the baby to come out through the cervix is where it lies. This is dangerous for the baby but the clots can heal and the placenta can and usually does move. Right now we have what is called a “threatened miscarriage” because of the clots and bleeding, so we aren’t out of the clear yet.

PLEASE continue to pray and for complete healing and peace for us! I really need prayer for peace too because I really need to relax and sleep. When I wake up at night to use the restroom, I have the hardest time falling back asleep. I get fearful and my mind won’t stop taunting me! I am also afraid this pregnancy will be very difficult until the end. But I can’t go there, whew…


We have another appointment on wednesday next week. Dr. Hill told me I am not to lift Chase or heavy things, I am to rest my body a lot and even to put myself on bed rest if the bleeding worsens. Right now I am losing quite a bit of blood a day and it’s making me feel weak. I’m trying to eat the right foods and take my vitamins 3 times a day to keep my iron up.

On a lighter note…

Yesterday we needed to pick up some mail from the ywam denver base and we saw a bunch of our friends which was encouraging. Chase, of course, loved being the center of attention and showed off by walking all over the parking lot. He’s officially walking everywhere. Those of you who guessed he’d be walking at ten months, good job! He’s almost 11 months and has got it down and trying to run! We’re working on walking with shoes on, but yesterday he did just fine! He is such a joy and especially right now!

Thank YOU for reading, for your prayers and your encouragement. We have really felt your support, love and prayers!!!

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