Sunshine, At Last!

We had a month and a half of crazy weather; limited sunshine, a lot of (much needed) rain, crazy winds and even snow!

Well, I think that is about over. We hit 80 and even 90 this past weekend and today is in the 70s. We’re l o v i n g it. Chase is such an outdoorsy boy. He gets really ansty and resltess on the days that we can’t or don’t go out. I love that because it gets me up and out which is super important right now, with my recent state of mind. I’ve really been struggling and the sunshine does us all good.

Today was Chase’s first time in his little kiddy pool. He splashed and had a great time. I used Ted’s iphone to capture the fun;



Ted took us on a little lawn mower wagon ride after he mowed today. Chase loved it and I won’t lie, I did too :) We’ve been trying to really take advantage of the past month and a half that Ted’s spent with us, and really spent time as a family. Busy, busy times ahead. More in the next post! Finally huh?

One thought on “Sunshine, At Last!

  1. Chey says:

    i love the sun, too! and i love you. thanks for being so amazing at documenting where you and your family are at. i’m excited for all that is to come, but for now, i’m glad y’all get to have so much fun together!


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