Baby Steps!

Yesterday Chase shocked us all by walking from the footstool to the couch which was about 2 feet away, the first time. Of course we wanted to see him do it again, so we pushed the footstool farther back and HE DID IT!

I tried to video it but he would fall to his knees and crawl to me :( I am hoping Ted or I can capture the moment today!

Also yesterday, we were able to finally get a little faux hawk up! Slowly but surely.

(personality shines through this photo, even blurry, hehe)

Yesterday I set up a doctor’s appointment for baby #2 for May 7th. (I am still deciding what to call him/her for the blog cause I’m not super fond of baby #2 as a name for the next 9 months!) I bet your curious if we will find out this baby’s sex… I’m curious too! Haha. Second time around and Ted still wants to find out and I still don’t however we already decided we are NOT going to do what we did last time, where Ted finds out and I don’t. He said it was too hard not sharing it with me. Although, I loved (and still love) the reactions we got when we told people he knew, I didn’t. Priceless. But it was too hard!

So this time around, we’re going to be on the same page. We’ve already decided one of us is going to compromise and then for the next one the other will. So… we’ll see! Having had our first one a huuuge surprise, which is what I’d always longed for, was incredible and the best surprise of my life. So it’s a hard decision!

I did have a friend tell me that when she found out her baby’s sex at 20 weeks, it was still such a surprise. And you bond with the baby a lot too. I mean, I felt like I bonded with our baby amazingly, although I did talk to Chase like he was a girl, especially those last weeks! HAHA!  Okay, all that to say. We’re not sure if we are finding out or not. We have time to decide :)

One last thing, during the first trimester I get awfully sick and I have been the past two weeks. Two things I love are hard for me to accomplish right now, photography and blogging. Right now I feel 100% but when I don’t doing either of those makes me feel so nauseous! Isn’t that ridiculous! Same with scrolling on a page. So you may or may not see me on here as often. That explains the past two weeks of minimal blogging for this girl ;)

Okay, gonna go change a stinky diaper. Those are SUCH a killer when you’re prego with #2! WHEW!

5 thoughts on “Baby Steps!

  1. Chey says:

    I love this!
    I wondered what your thoughts were about finding out the sex. BUT, you know if you find out…and it’s a girl…you’re going to call her by her name probably! AND then people will find out! But I kinda wanna know :)

    I bet you are going to find so many different facets of being pregnant with a little one and hanging out with a little one. diaper stink is just number one!

    Thanks for updating. I hope to see you soooooooon! I love you tons and can’t believe my little man is WALKING.


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