Why, Hello Baby #2.

Yes, we are pregnant! The shock of a lifetime, but we are so very excited.

I’ve been feeling sick and exhausted and then I really wondered when the doctors told me Chase had dropped from the 80% to the 20% in weight and told me they thought it was my milk. Now everything makes sense.

Was this planned? No this was not planned.It took us 8-9 months to get pregnant with Chase and one “accidental” time with this baby. ONE compared to 8-9 months! WHEW! We thought we would try in september, so our kiddos could be two years apart. Now they will be 17 months apart!

I won’t lie, I did cry but that was for selfish reasons, I have yet to lose the rest of the clinging baby weight, but this time around, I will NOT be eating McDonald’s almost everyday ;) Yesterday I bought running shoes and got a gym pass and I am planning on using it this pregnancy!

So what was Ted’s reaction? pure excitement! (thank goodness). He reacted better than me! I started crying, then I stared laughing, crying laughing. I don’t think you could ever shock me as much as this morning. Well, unless it’s twins… YIKES! But I am completely thrilled, excited, ecstatic,etc.

When are we due? Around December 20th (a guess). I think I am 6-7 weeks along.

Am I scared? A little. I hope I’m fully healed (incision wise). The labor with Chase was pretty traumatic for me and I can’t even go there, but I am pretty sure this time we have to have a scheduled c-section.  I am more excited and am trying not to dwell on the fears!

Well… here we go again!

Chase is upset, gotta run! Did I tell you he started saying “mamamamama” last week?! Oh and don’t you worry, I will be documenting this baby’s life from here on out too. :)

10 thoughts on “Why, Hello Baby #2.

  1. Ash says:

    Oh im so excited for you guys!! (slightly jealous, due to this being on our minds the last few weeks, planning at least) ;)
    Lets call this a little sibling rivalry….haha cant wait to watch your family and YOU grow a bit bigger!!
    Ash and the Family :)


  2. Ash says:

    Thanks friend.. Just a rough day i think…
    You are such an encouragement no matter how far
    we venture appart. Besides you are totally forerunning
    it all for me :) How I cant be some help to YOU!


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