Beyond Blessed (a random post).

-Yesterday & most of today I rested (cause I am not feeling well) and hung out with my son and my grandma while watching Project Runway season 6 (a bday gift) which makes me want to, first, learn to truly sew (more than onesies & pillows) and secondly, to be creative.

-Watching Chase explore his new surroundings is actually really blessing me. He reminds me of the endless possibilities and how the little, simple things in life can bring such joy. (Seriously, spend some time with a kiddo and you’ll know just what I am talking about!) He is such a fun boy. Super silly and is constantly surprising me with the new things he learns. For example, yesterday he just started dancing to music. I said “dance” and he would! I was stunned. He finally got it!

Here are is a video I took with the mac (i wanted to hurry and capture the moment, sorry for the quality);

-My Grandpa hung Chase’s new swing on the playground in the backyard. This boy loves to be outside and especially, to swing. I think every kid probably loves these things. It’s refreshing, freeing. I came out to find him swinging and smiling and snapped a few photos. :)

-I have also had a lot more time with Ted lately and that’s been an incredible blessing. I guess I didn’t realize just how much time we spent apart. Tonight we went out for a date for the first time since my birthday!

-It wasn’t a super long date, only 2 hours in fact, but it was great spending time alone. Ted is such a great man. He is adreamer and I absolutely love that.  He, like Chase, is constantly keeping me on my toes! I really wouldn’t change my dreamer in for anything. Even when the dreams are sometimes frightening and/or crazy, like his current one. I can’t say… anything really… but tomorrow he flies to Alaska for a two week trip which will determine a lot for our future. He believes in excellence and will do whatever it takes to be excellent in the things he is passionate in!

Maybe soon, I will be sharing something. quite. huge.

-The past few weeks of transition have been rough, but my eyes have been opened to see just how blessed we are. I am trying to focus on that lately, despite the times that are hard.

Here’s to counting our blessings!

3 thoughts on “Beyond Blessed (a random post).

  1. Danielle says:

    love this Jami-such a wonderful blog! praying for you all and cant wait to hear the “quite huge..maybe news”..haha :-) love you!


  2. Chey says:

    LOVE this video. Made my day! He is the cutest thing in the entire world. Cuter than baby penguins, which, I think are super cute.


  3. Joel Hermansen says:

    Hey Jami!

    I wish I could be there to see this amazing boy. I know he must be amazing because you and Ted are both amazing to me. Hopefully I can visit someday. You guys are always welcome to visit me too here in Cali if you have the opportunity. Your blogs seem to be changing. Back in the day there was tons more writing. Now I see more pictures. I love how life explains itself beyond what words can express!


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