How far off are we? (Quote of the week ::04)

(photo by Ted)

This quote makes me very sad because it is unfortunately true. And at the same time, I like it because it’s challenging.

We have been more wounded, abandoned, ignored, torn down, lied to, judged, scarred, etc by christians than we have by those we know you aren’t confessing to be christians.

And we have done the same to others.

Just like Ghani states. People leave the church not because they do not like Christ, but because they do not like christians.

As Christians, we can still sin, obviously. When we walk according to our flesh we become something He hasn’t created us to be. We wound those around us and ultimetely over time we portray who “Christ is” to them. We confess to be “christians” rather than living our life like Christ. One thing I’ve learned over the past 5 years of living my life in a Christian community is this; no matter how many times you stand up and quote a verse or a picture, or how many times you say the right “christian” thing. {Your actions speak far greater than words}

The people who have truly changed my idea of Christ and who he was, were people who were authentic, real. They allowed me to share my pain, without spewing off a christian term or something to “make me feel better” or the “right” thing to say, but those who actually reached out to me. Those who let me feel what I needed to feel and over time, gently guided me to the healing arms of my Saviour.

They showed me who Christ was. More than mere words. I learned a lot from these little versions of Christ. Now I want to share that with the world.

I posted this quote as my status last night. I almost didn’t because I have intense fear of man sometimes, and was afraid I would be judged for quoting Ghandi. Anyways, a comment on there caught my attention. A family friend wrote;

Sad statement. I pray that we who are living can do a better job of being Christ-like. It starts with each of us as individuals in our own little worlds of influence.

I love that. I believe sometimes we are missing out on what it means to be Christ-like. Being more relational and loving. Christ hung out with the sinners, the outcasts while we judge them or even judge people by their appearance alone.

I just wonder, how far off we are from the true Christ.

I guess I just wanted to write what has been on my heart a lot lately. I’d love to hear your input on this subject. Please comment! (I’d love to hear from “you” 40+ lurkers this time too!!)

4 thoughts on “How far off are we? (Quote of the week ::04)

  1. Nathan says:

    Very true Jami! We are always ready to give the “right” advice and if we can add a scripture verse for our defense then it makes better advice. Sometimes the best advice is to say nothing at all.

    You should do a bible study on Job. That will help you!


  2. wendi says:

    Good post.

    One of the biggest things (in my mind) that separates true/mature Christians from the rest of them is that when confronted with bad behavior (that we all exhibit at one point or another) they repent/apologize/make restitution.

    Growing up my parents were always quick to apologize for when they acted unloving and always encouraged us to do the same. Failure/sin was something to own up to and get forgiveness for. Not something to cover up and make excuses for.

    I always thought this was normal in the Christian community (I certainly think it should be!) But sadly it’s not. Realizing that has been an eye opener for me. It’s made me very aware of the choices I’m making, as a habit of not being open to hearing my mistakes is built all too quickly.


    • colourherhope says:

      thanks for commenting Wendi. I agree. I’m working through this too, trying to not judge them as well. It’s so difficult though. Especially when you are wounded!


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