Fisheye Friday (1)

First, I won’t be able to meet my goal of having a new look on my blog today. I take a lot of photos but none of them are a fit for what I am picturing which means I need to take a photo specifically for the header. I have a little problem when I get a specific idea in my head, I usually have a hard time relenting or compromising what I want. Which is a problem sometimes, like tonight , haha! Hopefully I can by tomorrow, by the latest by Monday!

Second, here are some of the shots from the first roll of film. (100 ISO)

I chose bits and pieces from the bouquets I received when I had Chase, dried them and made this beautiful bouquet!

My very first photo with the fisheye cam.

I am working on learning exposure and lighting, which I stink at!

Photos from the second roll of film. (100 ISO)

The park near our home, where I grew up playing. B e a u t i f u l view.

“Out one day, walking one day. Out one day with you, Hallelujah.”

My favourite of the two rolls. {It brings me a lot of hope}

Please let me know what you think! Comments,  critique, advice, etc.

(This marks the 400th post, PHEW! I was going to blog info, then to random post, and reading some old stuff. I love looking back, seeing how much we’ve grown, how much has changed!)

2 thoughts on “Fisheye Friday (1)

  1. Hannah says:

    I love these- you are doing a really great job with the fisheye :)
    I know what you mean about finding a banner photo- I don’t really like my current banner but I haven’t taken the right photo for a new one yet.


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