Our new home…

Is less than ten minutes from the foothills of the mountains, which means a lot of camping, hiking, tubing on the Poudre river and fishing! (I may be mostly girly, but i grew up doing all of these and love them!)

And a 20 minute walk east brings us to this beautiful park, where I played at as a child!

The view from here is {breathtaking}, the colours are phenomenal. I love being so near the mountains!

Ted has been spending time working on our car and helping me unpack and organize but today he spent the day fishing with a pal he did a DTS with who just happens to live in Ft.Collins as well. (This is NOT where he went fishing, haha, he is in the mountains somewhere, right now, as I… type :) )

The little lake at City park will be perfect to walk or run around! And right next to the lake is the playground I played on as a child (remodeled though) and a little toddler playground! This city is so family friendly, I love it! They even have a trolley run during the summer time. So fun!

One of the best things about living here, we get to watch the sunset behind the mountains. This is a bad angle to see this, but I wanted you to see what Chase sees. He was in awe of the cars driving by, the swingset behind him, the tall trees, etc.

We are living in one of the guest  rooms at my grandparent’s home until we know the next step. More to come on our future :) For now we are spending more time as a family, quality time, something we didn’t get a whole lot of on staff in Denver. It’s been an amazing week already, can’t wait to see what this summer holds! I know Chase will be walking soon so that should make it especially interesting!!

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