Taking a break…

from packing to write a random blog and to process.

-We are leaving YWAM Denver staff officially on friday after being on staff for 4 years (Ted) and almost 3 years 8 months (me). This week is a week full of “lasts” and it has been a hard one.

-We are finishing packing up our house and I honestly had no idea how long it would take for us to pack with an 8 month old crawling around, getting into everything! Thankfully my grandparents and my mom helped me accomplish a lot today!

– We move out Sunday and move to Ft. Collins for a season (more to come on that).

-Along with packing up our house, I am also renovating the childcare room at YWAM Denver, before I leave. I’ve been asking for months now to get this project started only to have it approved 3 weeks before I leave. I wanted to leave having accomplished this project and so I am so grateful it’s approved, just bummed it happened to be the week I leave that we started! Bad timing! But I definitely wanted to finish this project because the base has been trying to get this done for a few years now!! Here is a before pic;

(thanks Darren for taking this!) The room wasn’t horrible, but it’s been the same way for years now. Since I came for my DTS in 2005. Light green walls are now a beautiful blue jewel! Photos coming soon!

-Chase has another two teeth coming in on top and along with crawling, he is also pulling himself up to stand next to anything and falling a lot. And guess what, I am backing off and letting him fall and he is FINE. I am the kind of mom that’s paranoid about him getting hurt. I’ve realized lately… he. is. a. boy. ;)

This might seem cruel but he loves it and it helps me get at least a few things packed.

-my final birthday gift arrived today :)

I’ve already taken 3 pictures and of course Ted had to try it out too ;)

– We had 70 degree weather one day, then a foot of snow the next, then two more days of 70 degree weather and again more snow (today)! Gotta love Colorado! Their winters are amazing and I am not being sarcastic. I love em.

-Since we’ve been so busy the past few days, I haven’t had time to sit down and journal or blog and I just needed a few seconds to process. Time like right now, while nursing Chase, are my little bit of sanity. A break! Haha!

Please pray for us as we transition out of YWAM. Please pray for our future too (more to come on this)! And silly, but pray I can finish the childcare room!

4 thoughts on “Taking a break…

    • colourherhope says:

      it is a lomo fisheye camera. SUPER cheap, like $40 plus film like $55. It takes fun photos and it’s teaches me how to work on lighting and exposure, which I am not good at! It’s amazing though!


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