Spring Colour Week: Blue

(UPDATED 03/19: I forgot to add the bottom photo with Chase’s blue shoe) I was blog surfing and came across this wonderful photo project! A spring colour of the week! They are actually finished, but I decided I wanted to do this for this spring 2010 and a new project! Wanna join in with me?

It will probably snow again but it is almost officially spring (03/20) and here is my first colour week of the season!


Yesterday is was almost 70 degrees and beautifully sunny outside!

“Head wizard” head massager. amazing.

Thank you vics tissues for being there for my sick family last week!

The worlds best chapstick.

Spring has sprung :)

This was not set up, I promise! Ted taught Chase to make music with a bucket!


Couldn’t resist when I saw this during a walk. Blue was on my mind a lot the past two weeks, obviously.


Okay, so this was a blast! Next week I will try to keep this up but we are moving so no promises!


3 thoughts on “Spring Colour Week: Blue

  1. Hannah says:

    I subscribe to the Poppytalk blog, but just didn’t get around to participating in this project- that was such a crazy week for us. I will certainly play along with you though– I’ll try to get my blue pictures up tomorrow :)


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