Sugar Free.

Inspired by Lent (but not for lent), I have decided to fast sugar for 40 days.

I am fasting because;

1) I’m addicted. It’s at least 50% of my daily diet. No joke.

2) We want to raise our kiddos living a healthy lifestyle and how can I teach them if I am not living that life. I would never want them to eat/drink what I do!

I began Monday, so almost a week now of no sugar. It has been hard, so hard (!) but it is already benefiting my body… and Chase. I am pretty sure this is not a coincidence but Chase is sleeping through the night or at least a lot better! Teething was part of the reason for lack of sleep but before that, it had to have been the sugar/caffeine he was getting through breast milk. And here I thought it didn’t affect him. Wrong! We’ve both been sleeping amazingly, minus the one night this week! That’s a record!

Having Chase and wanting the absolute best for him, has really challenged Ted and I and the way we treat our bodies. We’ve made the commitment to feed Chase purely natural foods, and it’s going to be difficult, but that is our goal. Right now we are taking baby steps and we’re just focusing on the now. Right now, we are feeding him organic baby food. We’ve only given him jar baby food but once we move (in 29 days! more to come on this…) I will begin using organic veggies and water and our food processor to make baby food from home.

I’ve had a sugar free drink for the first time in my life this week. I was shocked at how it didn’t really taste that different. It made me wonder though…

Is sugar free really sugar free? And what do you recommend as a naturally sweetened snack? Please comment :)

p.s. Have you heard of Jamie Oliver?  Ted and I watched a short video on that changed the way we thought. He actually has a show that premieres  Friday March 26th on ABC on revolutionizing the way we eat. It is mind blowing. You should check out his site!

8 thoughts on “Sugar Free.

  1. Merel Pyhala Dekker says:

    Hi Jami,
    I have a cooking book from Jami Oliver, it is very nice. If you want to borrow it sometime you can.

    Sugar free, is kind of a big for me. Diet and sugar free stuff is really bad for you, everything with Aspertame, Sorbitol etc.. is not good. So rather choose stuff with Sugar (raw sugar is the best, stay away from white as much as possible) in that case or you can replace it with Guava Nectar. But because you are on a sugar free lent, i would go for Stevia. It is a natural sweetener. Which is actually good because it is made from a plant. So always look for natural, and not artificial, because that is the difference.

    For you kitchen I would suggest to buy a pound of raw sugar and Stevia (you also have other brands who are cheeper, they are fine as well, just read the package if they are made out of the stevia plant).
    I use that a lot!

    If a product says: Sugar Free, they contain most of the time artificial sugars, which is really bad. You can do a google research on why is aspartame etc. bad for you, and you will find a lot!!



    • colourherhope says:

      Whoa. that’s SO good to know about “sugar free”! Thank you! Dropping that right now! And I would like to look at his cookbook if that’s okay! Thanks Merel!


  2. justfortuitous says:

    I don’t think you need to get rid of sugar, but be smarter about how much you use. Sugar-free and sugar substitutes are not healthy, your body doesn’t know what to do with it. Honey, agave nectar, and raw sugar are better. I know you’re fasting from sugar, but in the future, perhaps lower the amount of sugar you put into something. Also, fruits that are ripe and in season tend to be naturally sweet.


    • colourherhope says:

      Totally agree! I am hoping to just lower the amount of sugar for the future. Trying to train my body, let it know I don’t need as much as I usually put in my body. Thanks for the information! I will also try fruit too!


  3. Ann Huppert says:

    Sugar free products – except for stevia – are deadly and sooooo much worse for you than sugar – even as bad as sugar is. Try the new products out there – like Truvia – to really save your and Chase’s health! :)


  4. Kristen Andrews says:

    hey girl!

    So proud. I have done that once before, cause I realized how addicted I was. It was what I always wanted in every situation, Happy Sad Bored, etc. I remember the first two weeks were the hardest, but after that I had never felt better, and the funny thing is that I was happier and had MORE energy. I have been wanting to do that again, but havent been motivated enough, though knowing someone else out there is doing it will help.


  5. Hannah says:

    I agree about artificial sweeteners- steer clear. I use agave nectar, sucanat (raw cane sugar) and sometimes small amounts of honey to sweeten things I make. Sugar in those more natural forms is absorbed differently by our bodies. The closer to it’s natural form (sugar cane), the less harmful effects it will have. That’s why high fructose corn syrup is so bad for you- it has been chemically changed to have an extra fructose molecule, so our bodies don’t even recognize it as sugar at all… anyway I sort of have my own little sugar soapbox, sorry. :-P
    I haven’t heard of Jamie Oliver- I’ll have to check that out. Oh as far as sweet snacks go, I like making naturally sweetened whole grain cookies to have around, and the less sugar I eat, the more I crave and enjoy fresh fruit. Berries especially are a big treat for me.


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