Just Me.

My dear friend inspired me to write something simple.

(Not in any particular order) The past week I;

-said goodbye to my husband who will be gone for 8 days – missed him especially on valentine’s day – made some new memories with my sisters – showed our basement house to a family of three and all of a sudden fell in love with our home and didn’t want to leave – was given a date to move out of our house – baked from scratch numerous times this week (not at all typical for me) –

(taken with our camera before Ted left)

-dreamt about our future – watched my son try to crawl and bash his lip, not once, not twice, but three times- cried myself to sleep – did a paper heart photoshoot with a point and shoot camera and was surprisingly impressed with how they turned out – missed our canon 30d and 50 mm lens – painted  – caved and drank Dr.Pepper twice – took care of my teething boy whose top two teeth started emerging – slept very little during the evenings – decided “napping when he napped” was the best bet to staying sane this week

(taken with an HP)

-appreciated teething tablets, teething binkys and teething bibs more than every before – took care of many blowout diapers since Chase began eating baby food – realized I’ve only worked out 4 times in the past month and used the excuse of being discouraged – watched the olympics almost every night – bit my nails off while watching the olympic sports – built a wall that I’m not sure I will ever tear down again- coloured my sister’s hair and was tempted to colour mine black again – bought a box of burgundy to colour my “signature piece” (haha) but it instead coloured everything dark and it made me cry, that’s what I get for going on a whim.

(taken with my phone)

– realized again how fragile my feelings can be if I’m not guarded – wrote fewer blogs then normal – gave Chase his 3rd bath in an actual bath tub – watched as my husband was terribly wounded yet responded in love (I learn a lot from him) – worked on Chase’s book – worked on our wedding book – had the crazy desire to be pregnant again (right now) – struggled with trusting God in and with everything but know he’s got my back.

5 thoughts on “Just Me.

  1. Melissa says:

    Having Daddy gone is so tough… since Josiah was born, Mike’s only been gone one night, but he wants to go out this weekend for a guys hiking trip, and at first I selfishly guilted him into deciding to stay home with us… but I think I need to suck it up and encourage him to go. So Chase is getting his top teeth?! Exciting! Josiah has been teething something terrible, but so far I can’t feel any new ones anywhere… hopefully they’ll just break through soon – he and Mommy need some relief. We’re having tough nights too… Oh how I miss my sleep! I just can’t believe they are 7 months this week! I’m sad now that they are quickly leaving the baby stage… July will be here so soon!


    • colourherhope says:

      It is hard when they are gone. Thankfully my family lives pretty close ( 1hr 20 min away)! He is getting his top two teeth, and it’s A LOT worse then when he got the bottom two. I could even see the gums bleeing a few times, poor buddy. And the teeth themselves… I am pretty surprised at the size and the gap! PHEW!

      I hope Josiah’s come quickly! These started about 8 days ago and its been slow, but there is hope now.


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