Peas Please.

Chase had “2nd food” for the first time a few nights ago.

The first few bites were pretty shocking.

Cuuute. Even with a messy green mouth.

He licked the peas spoon clean. He ended up liking it but definitely didn’t even finish half a jar! Last night we tried carrots and he ate half a jar! So if you see pictures of our son with an orange tint soon, you’ll know why :)

We have yet to try sweet potatoes! He’ll probably love them!

We get asked “why we started so late” but we felt it was the best for him because he really wasn’t interested and he is a healthy weight (75%). Don’t get me wrong, he was interested in food, it was just the wrong kinds. He wanted what mommy and daddy had. We finally felt it was time when we officially decided what we wanted to feed him. As crazy (and pricey) as this might be, we are shooting for all organic. We’ve spent time praying about changing our lifestyle and Ted recently read a book that changed his entire view on food and we’ve decided, once we leave YWAM, we will be pursuing a healthy lifestyle. We’ve taken baby steps already; like when we grocery shop we look at labels and make sure it is organic or natural. But we still have a long way to go!

Please comment with advice. And if you make your own baby food and it’s all natural, please comment with ideas!

I just wanted to share some photos of his first reaction to “big boy” food!

6 thoughts on “Peas Please.

  1. Merel Pyhala Dekker says:

    Sounds good, no more big steaks for Ted!!
    The book ‘skinny bitch’ is really good. Don’t get misled by the title :)
    It is not about being skinny but about being healthy.


  2. bethany says:

    hey jams-the pics are so cute. okay motherly advice coming your way-you should introduce 1 food and then wait 2 or 3 days to make sure there is no food allergy, then you can intro another. :)
    love ya friend.


  3. Petra says:

    i made my own for both my kids. It’s a lot cheaper and eventually easier. i’ll email you soon. we can talk about it when we talk about food stuff next week. i’ll try and text you tomorrow too :)


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