Haiti & The Forgotten.

Yesterday on the news I heard of a man pulled out of the rubble in Haiti, 28 days later, alive. I almost couldn’t believe it until I remembered this morning and researched it to be sure. How was that even possible? Such a miracle! Then as I was researching Haiti, I read thisWhoa. It broke my heart for a few reasons, one because I am guilty of this very thing. Forgetting.

“The homeless are everywhere, the hungry are as well. They are still finding bodies all the time. Twenty-five people were shoved into old crypts in a city cemetery today. We watched the remains of a mother and her son being sealed into a crypt.

It’s not the kind of misery that makes for headlines perhaps, and clearly it’s not the kind of sorrow that demands a place on the nightly news, but it should.

There is more happening here than 10 American missionaries in jail… No one deserves to die in silence, and no one’s struggle to live should go unnoticed as well.”

{How quickly I forget.} How quickly I stop aching, praying, hoping and waiting for good news. I don’t want to be legalistic about this. It’s just something that is on my heart. I needed to share.

Truthfully, it’s easier to forget. It’s easier on the heart to not look at pictures, to not watch the news (the little that is left).

Why is that? Why is it easier to push the most difficult, painful things aside?

I remember at 12 years old, I watched the news and this time it actually made my heart ache and brought me to tears. The news of the Columbine shooting. I remember it {rocked} my world for a long, long time. Even still when April comes around, my heart aches. This might sound dramatic but it’s like a part of me still mourns, maybe because it was the first time I felt for something bigger than myself. I don’t really know.

I wonder if I am becoming numb. When I was doing research for a project on the prostitution in Thailand, I felt so much emotion. It was constantly on my heart. Now, it is occasionally on my mind and mostly because I receive updates from LOVE 146 which tug at my heart again. Being in Thailand was another story, but that is because I was there. It was constanstly on my mind because it was before my eyes.

I feel torn because there is so much hurt, so much need, so much pain, etc in the world. One thing I truly love, is the fact that God speaks to us, sometimes calls us to a specific location or need. I truly do believe that if we all walked in who we were in Christ and followed where He leads, the needs of this world would vanish. The needs would be met.

What do you think? Why do you think we forget? Please comment.

6 thoughts on “Haiti & The Forgotten.

  1. Nathan says:

    I wish I knew. Thanks Jamie. Why is it that we are so drawn to suffering and then we forget. I’m with you in that I find myself moving on from Haiti. It think it takes real Love to get us out of our seats and help.


  2. Merel Pyhala Dekker says:

    Maybe it is protection of God in our lives. If we are constantly burden by things what happen in th world, we will lose our joy and hope for this life. Maybe God burdens us only for a short period of time, to help whenever we can, and pray us much as possible, so we can move on after that. Eccl. 3. There is a time for everything… I say ‘maybe’, because it was just a thought that came to my mind when you asked this question. Thanks for your blog. Makes me think!!


    • colourherhope says:

      Hmm yes maybe. i don’t know for sure.

      Did you read the comment that my friend melissa wrote? She too wrote that verse without seeing you wrote it!


  3. Melissa says:

    Such a good question… and I wish I knew. I know the more I remember the hurting and suffering around the world, the more I am drawn to action… and yet the burden is so much greater than any of us can bear. I know that whenever I allow my mind and heart to see what’s going on, I have to just cry out to God on their behalf, because the needs are so great and I feel so helpless. I’m thinking of Ecclesiates… “a time and a purpose for everything… a time for sorrow, a time for joy…” Our spirits cannot be crushed forever and yet still be filled with the joy of the Lord… or can they?


    • colourherhope says:

      that is so interesting how the verse popped up twice. I don’t know for certain but I definitely think that verse fits in times like these. thanks for sharing!


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