DIY Thrifty Organizing.

This is Chase’s changing table I bought when pregnant for $12 at our local thrift store. It is messy most of the time, and yesterday I finally had enough of the mess. I went through our house and was surprised to find just how many things I owned that could be used for organizing!

So, I put my  thrift store and dollar finds from the past few years, to good use and thought I’d share so you can too!

Basket from the dollar section at target.

Laundry basket for Chase: ARC thrift store $1.50.

Wicker shoe basket for Chase: Walmart $2, Wicker shoe basket for us: Goodwill $3.99

Wicker toy basket: ARC thrift store $2, Red toy basket: Goodwill: $1, Blue toy teething toy bucket: Target dollar sections $1

One of my favourite organizing finds to date! Brand new Target wicker blanket chest, a little beaten on top; $3 goodwil!

Check out your local thrift store or dollar stores for organizing. Keep your eyes open, because you’d be surprised at the great things you can find if you take the time! Do you have any organizing tips?

8 thoughts on “DIY Thrifty Organizing.

  1. Petra says:

    glad to see someone else does it like i do! Is there a Dollar General in arvada area? it’s my new favorite. They have super cute fun things like that for organzing for a $1. We frequent it and the $1 bins at Target and the thrift store. in fact I’m heading there this week for some more organizing stuff and craft stuff to make some projects. good deals are fun!


  2. Merel Pyhala Dekker says:

    Cool story, i will definitely check it out. Jonah & I went Sunday to the Container Store. I wanted to check out a store with all containers.. but apparently it is a ‘organizing store’. So cool! But not cheap at all. We didn’t buy anything. So your story inspires me! I love organizing. Or more… when things are organized. Feels so clean in your head :)


    • colourherhope says:

      I’ve never been in the container store and i def want to go someday! I would probably love it, get great ideas and try to find similair things elsewhere!


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