A Onesie (& a Boy) with Character.

Boy Kimino? Yes. Thank you Dwell Studio.

Uh oh, he spotted the camera.

This was an accidentel shot. It’s almost like he’s saying “Who me?”

This is what happens sometimes when he realizes I am photographing him.

I. am. serious. He gets this ornery side from his daddy. ;)

Seconds later, this shot. This boy is quite the character!

Last but not least, my {favourite} shot.

I realized, forgot to write about his 6 month well-baby checkup. He now weighs 18 lbs 2 oz and is 28 3/4 in long. He is 75% in his weight and head, but his height is in the 90%. He obviously doesn’t get that from my 61″. :) He is healthy and that always encourages my heart.

We will be moving onto veggies soon. I am looking forward to that, but I can’t say the same for Chase. The reason I’ve waited so long is because he actually doesn’t really like rice cereal and most days he refuses to eat it and will only eat breastmilk! (And he still refuses to take a bottle)…

Since he is at a healthy weight, I haven’t pushed it too hard, but we are going to try veggies and see what he thinks then! I really don’t mind either way, because right now, this is the one thing I have that helps me feel like my baby boy isn’t growing up too fast. I will not complain about the fact that he only nurses because someday and sooner than I can even imagine, I will be missing those moments when he is in my arms.

Curious, when and what did you first feed your baby after rice cereal?

4 thoughts on “A Onesie (& a Boy) with Character.

  1. susan says:

    ok i cannot handle the cuteness that is your son… seriously he is so precious! and the photos you take of him are just amazing. brightens my day to see his adorable little face. haha!


  2. Kami Bowker says:

    Gram Gram misses you Chasey! And your mommy too! See you soon! Want to take another bath in Grandma’s bathtub? Love you both!


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