Endless Possibilities.

Fall of 2009, it hit me. Hard.

Where had my passion gone? Why had I put my gifts and things which inspire me aside? What had happened to always wanting to create? When had I replaced what I love? What had I replaced them with?

I often would use the excuse of being “too busy”. I was too busy with working on other things, even sometimes too busy working on someone else’s vision, that I put my dreams, desires and even passions on hold. I felt drained, unfulfilled. I am by no means saying it is the person behind the workforce, the person who’s vision I am serving, no. Not at all. I am saying, along with working on their vision, I had put mine on hold, by my choice.

I had gotten so caught up in saying I was “too busy” that I missed out on the very things which I love. As I believed that lie, I slowly began to let my gifts slip through my fingers.

How sad.

I grew up with parents who always taught us to “use our imaginations”, to “be productive”. I admit, I would sometimes get annoyed when I heard those words, but  now, I get it.And boy were we creative kids!

A child’s imagination is {endless}. Even as I watch my son, I am in awe of the way he explores his surroundings. In his eyes, there is endless possibilty. EndLESS.

How did I lose this along the journey of becoming an adult?

I decide, this. must. change.

I am pursuing my endless possibilities. I am prioritizing my time so I can do the things which fulfill me. I am turning blank pages into ones of vivid colour and imagination.

What fulfills you? Do you have eyes which see the endless possibilities?

I believe I can walk in the things which inspire me, despite being “busy”. That is one reason why I blog so often. I love to write and I am passionate about capturing, savoring and sharing every moment with my son. When I do this, I truly feel satisfied. I am walking in something I love.

You can make time for the things which you are most passionate about.

I hope I can inspire you to remember who you once were. Or maybe even remember who you wanted to be. Remember the things which fulfill you or even the things which you’ve always wanted to do. Do them. You do have the time. What is most important to you, you will find time to do them.

4 thoughts on “Endless Possibilities.

  1. susan says:

    so true jami! i’ve been thinking about this a lot, too and i’m realizing that there is time, but i have to not do something else (like watch tv, or surf the web). being creative is one of the things that really stirs me, too so i need to make it more of a priority. thanks for that reminder. :)


  2. evie s. says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I always love connecting with other moms out there trying to balance life with what they love. Very good thoughts! I’ve learned I have to make time to be creative, otherwise a part of me just shrivels up. It’s part of what makes me who I am and I think it’s good to not let it go by the wayside. Great hearing from you!


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